"A war film unlike any other"    

 Pat Mullen - POV Magazine  [HUNGER WARD]

"...a rare look inside the human impact of the war in Yemen"    

 Jane Ferguson - PBS NewsHour  [HUNGER WARD]

"Once you see it, you won't forget it."    


"Fitzgerald has sought to harness this art-form to draw attention those who are struggling to obtain their most basic, fundamental human freedoms. vitally important."    


"...deftly addresses the most critical humanitarian issue of our time and those who are doing something about it."    

Michael Brody - Programmer Crested Butte FF   [LIFEBOAT]

"...visually brutal...a harrowing package."  


" infuriating study in the ways that power greases the wheels of justice."   


"...important, powerful and timely."  CRAVE TV   [50 FEET FROM SYRIA]

"...confronts us with injustice."   


Abeer LA Times.png
L.A. Times

Apr 2, 2021

Josh Rottenberg

Oscar-nominated short documentary 'Hunger Ward' spotlights famine in Yemen.


Jan 14, 2021

Matthew Carey

Starvation As "Weapon Of War": Oscar Contender 'Hunger Ward' Shows How Children Bear Brunt In Yemen Conflict 

PRI The World on NPR

Dec 11, 2020

Stephen Snyder

HUNGER WARD shows how Yemen's health workers struggle to save young victims of malnutrition

Huffington Post

Jan 2, 2020

Akbar Shahid Ahmed

Airstrike victims short video from HUNGER WARD footage featured in "U.S-Backed Airstrikes Are Killing People In Yemen..."


Nov 9, 2020

Anne Thompson

HUNGER WARD chosen for 

prestigious DOC NYC Shortlist

Hollywood Reporter

Oct 26, 2020

Scott Feinberg

HUNGER WARD nominated for Critics Choice Awards Best Short Documentary

New Yorker

Jan 8, 2019

Sarah Larson

Oscar-nominated LIFEBOAT reviewed on the New Yorker

Moviemaker photo.png

Feb 28, 2019

How They Did It: Navigating the Turbulent Waters of the Oscar-nominated LIFEBOAT


Feb 17, 2019

Matthew Carey



Jan 21, 2019​​

LIFEBOAT nominated for an Oscar for Best Documentary Short Subject

Lifeboat NPR.jpg

Jan 8, 2019

Michael Krasny

LIFEBOAT puts a human face on Europe's refugee crisis

"...emotional and artful...deserves considerable exposure."  


"...a compelling cinematic and moral statement."    ASIAN REPORTER   [BOMBHUNTERS]



"...a superb example of visual storytelling done well." 


"...a powerful documentary...a chilling look at what happens in the wake of America fighting for freedom."


"...approaches it's subject matter with a stark and unadorned humanitarianism."  


"...a powerful case for human decency." 



03/25/21- HUNGER WARD to be featured in Deadline Contenders
03/24/21- HUNGER WARD featured in Germany
03/18/21- HUNGER WARD depicts the effects of war and famine on children in Yemen
03/16/21- A Portland Director's Short Documentary About Famine in Yemen Nominated for an Oscar
03/18/21- Review - HUNGER WARD
03/18/21- 5 Films nominated for 2021 Oscars That Highlight the Reality of Global Crisis
03/15/21- HUNGER WARD Nominated for an Oscar
03/15/21- 2021 Oscars Nominee List
03/15/21- 2021 Oscars Nominee List
03/15/21- 2021 Oscars Nominee List
03/15/21- 2021 Oscars Nominee List
03/15/21- 2021 Oscars Nominee List
03/15/21- 2021 Oscars Nominee List
03/15/21- 2021 Oscars Nominee List
03/15/21- 2021 Oscars Nominee List
03/05/21- Watch - HUNGER WARD Director Narrates Harrowing Scene
03/03/21- Review HUNGER WARD
02/26/21- Frontrunner Friday Oscars Predictions
02/23/21- MTV Documentary Films Acquire HUNGER WARD, Sets March 1 Premiere
02/19/21- HUNGER WARD - Director Skye Fitzgerald
02/18/21- A Guide to Oscar's Shortlisted Documentary Shorts
02/17/21- Five Short Docs on the Oscar Shortlist
02/10/21- HUNGER WARD Wins Best Director & Best Editing by the Social Impact Media Awards (SIMA)
02/09/21- 93rd OSCARS SHORTLIST from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences
02/09/21- 2021 Oscars Shortlist
02/09/21- 2021 Oscars Shortlist
02/09/21- 2021 Oscars Shortlist
02/09/21- 2021 Oscars Shortlist
02/09/21- 2021 Oscars Shortlist
02/09/21- 2021 Oscars Shortlist
02/09/21- 2021 Oscars Shortlist
02/09/21- 2021 Oscars Shortlist
02/09/21- 2021 Oscars Shortlist
02/05/21- Holly Shorts Unveils Inaugural Hot List - 30 Short Films Breaking the Mold
01/26/21- Review HUNGER WARD
01/12/21- HUNGER WARD Named a 2021 SIMA Awards Finalist
12/23/20 - Podcast with Teresa Cotsirilos & Ray Suarez - We have the power to stop world hunger
12/10/20 - Podcast with Josh Fox - Filmmaker Skye Fitzgerald on his heartbreaking documentary HUNGER WARD
12/08/20 - DOC NYC Live: SHORT LIST: SHORTS - Conflict Zones Panel Discussion
12/06/20 - Omeima short video from HUNGER WARD footage featured in HuffPost article
11/30/20 - Podcast  with Mark Leon Goldberg - Inside Yemen's Hunger Wards
11/18/20 - Podcast with R.C. Samo - Director Skye Fitzgerald Discusses His Documentary 'Hunger Ward'
11/20/20 - HUNGER WARD - the last hope between war and starvation
11/09/20- HUNGER WARD Named to DOC NYC Shortlist
11/9/20 - Exclusive Clip: Oscar-nominated Director Skye Fitzgerald's HUNGER WARD
10/26/20 - HUNGER WARD recieves Critics Choice Nomination for Best Short Documentary
10/26/20 - HUNGER WARD nominated for Critics Choice Award
10/26/20 - HUNGER WARD nominated for Critics Choice Award
10/26/20 - HUNGER WARD nominated for Critics Choice Award
10/26/20 - HUNGER WARD nominated for Critics Choice Award
10/20/20 - HUNGER WARD to Premiere West Coast at HollyShorts as part of Opening Night festivities
10/13/20 - HUNGER WARD hightlighted in HollyShorts Film Festival
09/22/20 - HUNGER WARD wins 2020 Mountainfilm Commitment Grant
08/26/20 - Variety announces Skye Fitzgerald's new doc film HUNGER WARD


11/19/19 - LIFEBOAT wins Best of Festival Short at Arlington International Film Festival
07/25/19 - LIFEBOAT nominated for a National Emmy by Academy of Television Arts & Sciences
04/25/19 - LIFEBOAT: The Experiment launched broadly in Europe by ServicePlan of Germany
02/28/19 - MovieMaker article on LIFEBOAT
02/18/19 - Short of the Week review of LIFEBOAT
02/17/19 - Int'l Documentary Association review of LIFEBOAT
02/15/19 - LIFEBOAT at the Oscars
02/15/19 - Film Pulse review of LIFEBOAT
02/15/19 - Shuffle Online review of LIFEBOAT
02/12/19 - LIFEBOAT featured on The Build Show in NYC
01/21/19 - LIFEBOAT nominated for an Oscar
12/20/18 - LIFEBOAT wins the Best Short at the Courage Film Festival in Berlin
12/17/18 - LIFEBOAT Shortlisted by the Oscars
12/17/18 - LIFEBOAT Shortlisted by Academy
11/27/18 - LIFEBOAT invited to screen for the Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission of US Congress
11/20/18 - LIFEBOAT wins Best Short at Woodstock Film Festival
11/08/18 - LIFEBOAT screens at Hawaii International Film Festival
11/05/18 - LIFEBOAT nominated as Best Short of 2018 by IDA for the Int'l Documenatary Association Awards
11/05/18 - LIFEBOAT wins Best Doc at Dublin International Shorts Film Festival
11/05/18 - LIFEBOAT wins Act Now Award for social justice at Crested Butte Film Festival
10/29/18 - LIFEBOAT screens at International Maritime Human Rights Conference London
10/25/18 - LIFEBOAT screens at Refugees Welcome Film Festival in Berlin
10/18/18 - LIFEBOAT wins Jury Award at BendFilm Festival
10/12/18 - LIFEBOAT screens at MountainFilm in Aspen
10/07/18 - LIFEBOAT selected to screen at Hamptons International Film Festival
10/05/18 - LIFEBOAT screens at Arabisches Film Festival in Tubingen, Germany
09/26/18 - LIFEBOAT wins highly competitive MountainFilm Commitment Grant
08/09/18 - LIFEBOAT screens at HollyShorts Film Festival in Los Angeles
08/05/18 - LIFEBOAT honored with Jury Award at Traverse City Film Festival
05/31/18 - LIFEBOAT wins Best Short at World Premiere at MountainFilm in Telluride


09/29/17- MountainFilm Awards Search and Rescue Commitment Grant
08/31/17 - Skye Fitzgerald inducted as honorary member of the Syrian American Medical Society (SAMS)
08/31/17 - 50 FEET FROM SYRIA to stream on Netflix and Crave TV (Canada) and be available on Cinema Guild
08/01/17 - 50 FEET FROM SYRIA continues international broadcasts in US, Canada, Brazil, Austria, Israel, Slovenia, UAB
02/18/17 - 50 FEET FROM SYRIA plays at Frozen River Film Festival
02/09/16 - Review - 50 FEET FROM SYRIA
2016 - 50 FEET FROM SYRIA plays at Telluride MountainFilm in Atlanta
2016 - Nobel Peace Center hosts 50 FEET FROM SYRIA screening and panel discussion in Oslo, Norway
2016 - 50 FEET FROM SYRIA plays in Scotland at the Human Rights Film Festival
2016 - 50 FEET FROM SYRIA plays at Eastern Oregon Film Festival
2016 - Think Out Loud interview with Dr. Hisham Bismar from 50 FEET FROM SYRIA
12/14/15 - NPR's The Takeaway Show - 50 FEET FROM SYRIA chronicles the brutality of Syria
11/14/15 - 50 FEET FROM SYRIA slated for Canadian premiere
11/13/15 - Portland doctor returns to Syria to treat victims of civil war
10/26/15 - 50 FEET FROM SYRIA named to Oscars Shortlist
10/26/15 - Oscar puts 10 Docu Shorts on its Shorts List
10/26/15 - 50 FEET FROM SYRIA named to Oscars Shortlist

101 Seconds

02/14/18 - Williamette Week covers 101 SECONDS
02/14/18 - Oregon Public Broadcasting's Think Out Load covers 101 SECONDS
02/17/18 - 101 SECONDS launches at Portland International Film Festival


07/10/19 - Skye Fitzgerald honored by the University of  Oregon as one of 100 Ducks Who Made a Difference
07/01/19 - 2019 Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences inductees
03/22/19 - Skye Fitzgerald to give commencement address at Eastern Oregon University
01/25/19 - BEHIND THE BULLET feature documentary to premiere at Slamdance. Fitzgerald serves as Producer and DP.
07/26/18 - Animal Planet starring Amanda Giese of Panda Paws Rescue to premiere October 29th. Fitzgerald served as Director of Photography. 
2018 - RENOVATION WHISPERER - Pilot just aired on DIY and HGTV
11/16/16 - Skye Fitzgerald honored by Eastern Oregon University
09/19/11 - FINDING FACE is a film revealing horrific practice
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