Spin Film’s documentary short 50 Feet From Syria makes the Oscar shortlist:



Teaser for the on-going, multi-year, multimedia project with the non-profit Globio…segments thus far shot in Sumatra, Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo.

'Video' Post | By on January 25, 2013

Beautiful Rwanda!

If you’ve ever wondered what Rwanda looks like, here’s a beauty sequence we shot recently as part of the Great Ape Diaries project in Central Africa. Gorillas, guerrilla-style sort-of…

Oh yeah…

A much belated congratulations to Marshall Curry and Sam Cullman for their 2012 Academy Award nomination for “If a Tree Falls – A Story of the Earth Liberation Front.”

Skye shot a bit as additional camera at one point…

Here’s a link to the film: http://www.ifatreefallsfilm.com/film.html

The function of Fear…

Some recent thoughts on the beginning of our new project, Great Ape Diaries: