"Once you see it, you won't forget it."    

                            -Sarah Larson - THE NEW YORKER  [LIFEBOAT]

"Fitzgerald has sought to harness this art-form to draw attention those who are struggling to obtain their most basic, fundamental human freedoms. LIFEBOAT...is vitally important."    

                                                                                  -US HUMAN RIGHTS COMMISSION   [LIFEBOAT]

"...deftly addresses the most critical humanitarian issue of our time and those who are doing something about it."    

                                                       -Michael Brody - programmer Crested Butte FF   [LIFEBOAT]

"...visually brutal...a harrowing package."   -VARIETY   [50 FEET FROM SYRIA]

"...an infuriating study in the ways that power greases the wheels of justice."   -LA WEEKLY   [FINDING FACE]

"...important, powerful and timely."   -CRAVE TV   [50 FEET FROM SYRIA]

"...confronts us with injustice."    -VOICE OF AMERICA   [FINDING FACE]

"...emotional and artful...deserves considerable exposure."    -VARIETY   [FINDING FACE]

"...a compelling cinematic and moral statement."    -ASIAN REPORTER   [BOMBHUNTERS]

"...devastating."    -THE OREGONIAN   [BOMBHUNTERS]

"...a superb example of visual storytelling done well."   -DOCUMENTARY DRIVE   [50 FEET FROM SYRIA]

"...a powerful documentary...a chilling look at what happens in the wake of America fighting for freedom."

                                                                                                                            -WILLAMETTE WEEK   [BOMBHUNTERS]

"...approaches it's subject matter with a stark and unadorned humanitarianism."  -AL JADID   [50 FEET FROM SYRIA]

"...a powerful case for human decency."  -BOOKLIST   [50 FEET FROM SYRIA]

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Skye Fitzgerald


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One Family's search for justice following a brutal attack.

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